Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Vipassana = wittnessing = Buddha meditation


hamma Giri: www.vri.dhamma.org

Contains information about Indian Vipassana centres and Schedule of Courses, VRI Newsletters, VRI publications, research papers about Vipassana, etc.

Vipassana (introduction):


Contains information about Goenkaji, Course Schedules of Vipassana centres worldwide, Code of Discipline, Application Form for ten-day courses, etc.

Vipassana (old students only): www.dhamma.org/os

Contains information for old students of Vipassana including International Vipassana Newsletters and reference material. (username: oldstudent; password: behappy)

Pali Tipitaka Website: http://www.tipitaka.org

Contains the Chattha Sangayana Tipitaka in Roman script with commentaries, sub-commentaries and related Pali texts.Ownership of Vipassana Newsletter and other information

Name of the newletter: Vipassana NewsletterLanguage:

EnglishFrequency of publication: Monthly (every Purnima)Place of Publication:

Vipassana Research Institute,Dhamma Giri, Igatpuri-422403Name of the printer,publisher and editor: Mr Ram Pratap YadavNationality: IndianPlace of printing: Akshar Chitra, B-69, Satpur, Nashik-422007

Name of the proprietor: Vipassana Research Institute Registered Main Office: Green House, Second floor, Green Street, Fort, Mumbai-400023I, Ram Pratap Yadav, declare that the above-mentioned information is true to the best of my knowledge.

Ram Pratap Yadav3 March 2003 Printer, Publisher and EditorNEW RESPONSIBILITIESAcaryas:1. & 2. Prof. Pyare Lal & Mrs. Sushila DharAT Training, To serve Bhutan, Dhamma Tihar and Dhamma Rakkhaka, Research for jail courses, police courses etc.3. & 4. Mr. Vishwambhar & Mrs. Nalini DahatTo serve Vidarbha except Dhamma Naga5. Mr. N. Y. LokhandeSpread of Dhamma6. Mrs. Jaya ModiSpread of Dhamma7. & 8. Dr. Geo & Mrs. Cathy PolandSpread of DhammaSenior Assistant Teachers1. Mr. Dinesh MeshramTo serve Dhamma Kanana2. & 3. Mr. Sureshchandra & Mrs. Kanta KathaneTo serve Dhamma Ketu4. & 5. Mr. Gopal Sharan & Mrs. Pushpa SinghTo serve Dhamma Lakkhana6. & 7. Mr. Mark & Mrs. Petra LennonNEW APPOINTMENTSAssistant Teachers1. & 2. Dr. Sharad & Dr (Mrs.) Pushplata Badole, Bhilai3. Mr. Kailashchand Bagdiya, Raipur4. & 5. Mr. Guy & Mrs. Tamar Gelbgisser, Israel6. Mr. Guy Hertzog, Israel 7. Mrs. Ann Aston, U.K.


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